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When risk management isn’t enough: Taking care of drivers in the event of a crash

A lot of the efforts within driver safety and driver risk management focus on preventing accidents and implementing the necessary protocols to control risk across commercial fleets, but crashes do happen, so are fleets doing enough to help drivers when they are involved in a crash?

The stats

Globally an estimated 1.3 million people die every year because of a road traffic collision, with between 20-50 million more suffering non-fatal injuries. These can often still result in life-changing injuries, which have far-reaching consequences for both family and friends. And research has shown that up to 40% of people will be trapped in their vehicles following a collision.


Why is the response to a crash so important?

Whilst preventing crashes is certainly the first step, in the event of a crash the immediate response can often determine the likelihood and quality of survival. The proper ‘activation of an emergency care system’ and an improvement in trauma care following accidents could save more than a million lives.

There are lots of opportunities for improvements, with many in the world of fleet management looking to implement automatic crash detection systems with emergency response services that can help drastically increase the chances of recovery.

Many modern vehicles have built-in sensors and an automated system that can alert the relevant department and determine if the driver needs assistance. Other more modern automatic crash detection systems can now be incorporated through smartphone-based safety programs, allowing for 24/7 protection. The most reliable options will connect you with a live representative who can confirm your emergency and dispatch support to the scene, regardless of where you are, whether near home or travelling around the world.


Read more on the solutions to crash response with eDriving

To learn more about the importance of crash responses and the tools that can be used to enhance them, read more from eDriving’s CEO and Founder Ed Duebens here >> https://www.edriving.com/resources/the-mission-is-to-avoid-crashes-but-are-fleets-taking-care-of-drivers-when-crashes-do-happen/

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