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Why companies need to know Chemical Safety Legislation changes in 2021

With a Brexit deal reached by the UK Government and the EU, the transition period is now over and there are changes to chemical safety legislation that companies need to be aware of in 2021.

What areas of chemical safety have been impacted?

The wide reach of legislation that applies to chemical management across the UK and EU means there are a few different areas that have been affected by the changes in 2021.

It is worth stating that the changes in legislation apply largely to Britain (England, Scotland and Wales), with fewer regulatory changes in Northern Ireland who for the most part will operate under EU rules.

The following areas of legislation have been affected by Brexit:

  • Biocides: Authorisation of biocidal substances and products
  • PIC: Prior Informed Consent
  • REACH: Registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals
  • CLP: Classification, labelling, and packaging of substances and chemicals
  • PPP: Pesticides or Plant Protection Products

If your company has to comply with any of the listed forms of legislation, then you need to check the changes that may have been introduced at the start of 2021.

Why is correct chemical management important?

From a compliance perspective, the changes are crucial. Even minor amendments and changes in the protocol can lead to potentially costly mistakes that could seriously impact on your company’s reputation and financial situation.

Equally, proper chemical management is paramount when it comes to keeping workers safe. When ingested, injected or handled, certain substances have the potential to cause both external and internal damage. Chemical legislation also covers substances that can damage property and the environment.

Webinar – Crash Course in Chemical Safety Legislations in 2021

So with Brexit having now entered the next stage, it is crucial for safety managers and companies to ensure they know about the changes and what they need to do in regards to chemical safety legislation.

An upcoming Webinar hosted by IOSH and EcoOnline provides a ‘crash course’ in the changes in chemical safety legislation post-Brexit and covers some of the following topics:

  • Main updates to chemical regulations coming in 2021 and how it will impact you
  • How Brexit will impact chemical safety including (CLP, REACH)
  • Impact on COSHH regulations

The webinar will also have a Q&A section to answer any queries you may have on how Brexit will impact chemical safety legislation in 2021.

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