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Why the driver belongs at the centre of your road safety strategy

When we are looking at driver safety it is often from a data perspective with a focus on reducing incidents and keeping collision numbers and rates down. Whilst driver scoring systems are brilliant for measuring success company-wide, well-being and engagement should be integral to the programme. Data is worth nothing on its own; it’s how you use it to protect the driver that makes all the difference!


Driver safety relates to business performance

When trying to get C-suite level buy-in for your driver safety initiatives it is crucial to try and get the business case across. Putting drivers at the core of your strategy can help you to demonstrate how driver risk management feeds into many different areas of the business.

If drivers feel their safety is valued both in terms of incident safety and occupational health, you may find that there is a much lower turnover rate with staff, which will help to reduce the overall cost of fleet performance.

Safer drivers can be happier drivers, and this may lead to better customer service and satisfaction scores which will help to increase client retention in the long run.

These are just some of the reasons why you should put drivers at the core of your strategy when it comes to fleet safety and keeps them involved to get that buy-in that is so crucial for long term success.


Learn more about the benefits of strategic investment in driver safety

In one of our latest roundtables with eDriving, we explore driver safety at the strategic level, and how a focus on driver well-being can be the springboard to wider fleet success.


Click here to watch now >> https://www.edriving.com/resources/roundtable-the-driver-is-king/

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