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NEBOSH Launches new diploma to nurture health and safety professionals for the future


NEBOSH, one of the leading providers of high-quality training within the health and safety industry has launched a new version of their Diploma qualifications. The update is intended to give those that undertake it everything they need to become the health and safety leaders of the future. 


The new ‘NEBOSH Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals’ is now available with both national and international options and intends to support both professional and academic development within the industry. 

The key update includes professional skills within the syllabus in addition to technical knowledge. Students of the diploma will now work on leadership, change management, and culture. The movement intends to strengthen the certification that already has a strong alumni network. 


The new NEBOSH qualification aims to be practical and comprehensive


The new training and certification offered by NEBOSH will give learners the skills and knowledge they need to enact long-term change in organisations whilst also dealing with incidents on the shop floor on a day-to-day basis. New assessments will test out the learner’s application of the knowledge by asking them to complete tasks that EHS professionals perform within their line of work. 


“Leading health and safety professionals have the distinctive ability to combine technical know-how and practical application with soft and professional skills to really deliver effective health and safety practices.” : NEBOSH Chief Operating Officer, Dee Arp


Where can I learn more about NEBOSH courses? 


NEBOSH is one of the main learning providers within the EHS field and they offer courses that can be applicable to health and safety professionals at lots of different stages in their careers. 

HSE Network are proud to offer support to NEBOSH through our content and events, helping to spread the awareness around professional and academic within the EHS profession. 

If you want to find out more about NEBOSH and the type of training that they offer then take a look at our explanation of the NEBOSH qualifications. Also if you are interested in learning where you can book NEBOSH training for yourself or your team, then the HSE Network NEBOSH training directory gives you access to some of the companies that offer training. 

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