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Save time and money when processing EHS regulations

Keeping up to date in the world of EHS regulations is essential if you are to stay compliant but the activity in and of itself may not be the most value adding task on the to-do lists of many workers.

Globally, over 4,500 new EHS&S rules were enacted in 2021 which will all need to be considered for larger corporations looking to stay compliant, however keeping up to date with the changes can be a task for a whole department.

If you are looking to cut down on the manual research required to stay compliant, a regulatory content management system could be the answer.

Boost efficiency with greater automation

The time investment needed to build and maintain an accurate register of regulations is a huge ask and assessing their site-level applicability for larger organisations is an even more time-demanding process.

The use of an online regulatory content platform will help to automate the discovery and ongoing applicability assessment task for organisations. This will help you to focus on more value adding activities and improve efficiency when dealing with regulatory changes and working out the moves you need to make as an organisation to stay compliant.

Greater automation of the mundane research and development tasks will allow for more high-level decisions to be made around how to make the workplace safer, and how to implement the necessary changes for staying compliant with up-to-date legislation.  Employee hours lost on research and data entry can be spent on implementing EHS initiatives and coming up with new ideas.

What is the business case for regulatory content platforms?

When it comes to getting buy-in at the board level conveying the business case is crucial. Here we share an insightful eBook from Regscan which looks at the business case for EHS&S regulatory content management platforms and how you can implement them within the workplace.



Expect to learn more about the productivity benefits of regulatory content management platforms and how to accelerate growth with smarter regulatory insights, how to reduce risks and costs and how to maximise the value driven from digital systems.

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